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April 07, 2011

Sum Of My Parts - A Memoir

Olga at Age 3

The Sum of My Parts is a memoir I have been writing since last February. It's about how I developed Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID, discovered I had it and then details the healing process. In the book I go into more detail than I have in any of the trainings or presentations I have conducted. 

The story is hopeful in that it shows how so many kind people came into my life and connected with me in seemingly simple but meaningful ways. In order to bring out the importance of how such small acts of kindness could be so powerful I needed to tell about some of the abuse I suffered to lay a context for the resilience these people helped build in me. It also shows why the coping mechanism of DID was so effective for me to survive the terror of our home and still function well in school, with friends, sports and other healthy activities.

The story winds you through what it felt like to divide up and be divided. It illustrates how vulnerable I was as an adolescent and young adult because of the dissociation I had come to rely on to keep the truth of our home away from my consciousness and to not feel the fear and danger that always loomed.

Finally, I recount how I got through college, law school and reached a high level of success professionally. I married and felt safest I'd had ever felt. Soon thereafter started the panic attacks that led me to seek therapeutic help. This book details how I learned about the DID and healed from it. How I became more whole than I had ever been and happier than I thought I could.

This book takes my presentations and trainings and lets you into what you want to know - how I got from there to here. The book is currently scheduled for release in November 2011 by New Harbinger Press. If you would like to keep up with the latest updates sign up on this website for book updates. Or you can pre-order a signed copy of the book in the shop of this website. is also selling pre-orders.

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