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May 31, 2011

Letting Yourself Go

Griffin (The best dog Ever!)

After years of healing the abuse I suffered as a child and adolescent, I still found that I was emotionally unavailable at times. I've worked very hard at letting myself go and letting people in. I've worked on this in my relationship with my partner and in my friendships. I notice when I'm distant and figure out why and then work through the anxiety or worry that is almost always involved to let go of whatever fear has come up for me. I've been really successful at letting myself go and letting people in to my life. It's been an amazing experience to feel so connected to people.

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May 14, 2011

Examining the Impact of Reaching In

Olga at Age 5

One of the things that made my healing so successful was working with a psychiatrist that understood that reaching in could be harmful. He knew that reaching into my mind to pull out  the details of a particular attack from my memory could feel like a re-victimization. He knew that reaching in would erode my trust in him and could take me somewhere I wasn't ready to go.

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