Building Collaborations

The co-occurence of domestic violence and child maltreatment happens in numbers that we will never fully know. This realization sparked the formation of multi-disciplinary groups across the country dedicated to building holistic, collaborative responses to domestic violence and child abuse.

O.R.T Solutions has worked with many of these collaborative sites from the start. We have first-hand knowledge of how multi-disciplinary groups have succeeded, and where they have faitered. It is this understanding that uniquely positions us to help you customize a collaborative approach to achieving your community goals.

A few examples include:

  • The Greenbook Sites
  • The Community Partnership Sites
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Projects
  • Sexual Assault Response Teams
  • Domestic Violence Emergency Response Teams
  • Multi-disciplinary Case Consultations for Domestic Violence

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Wonderful facilitation... it was another pivotal point in this important transition and it has been made all the smoother and manageable with your assistance. - Austin, TX