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04/06/2015 New Orleans, LA
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EVAW International Conference

Keynote on the Impact of Physical and Sexual Violence and Workshops on Representing Survivors who have Experienced Trauma and Understanding Disociative Identity Disorder and What it Means for Your Work

Address: New Orleans, LA
04/13/2015 Albany, NY
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20th Annual New York State Child Abuse Prevention Conference

 Olga will conduct the opening plenary and several workshops. She will also be signing copies of her book "The Sum of My Parts"

Address: Albany, NY
04/15/2015 St. Paul, MN
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Praxis Advocacy Learning Center

 Olga will be part of the faculty for the Advocacy Learning Center developed and conducted by Praxis International.

Address: St. Paul, MN
04/20/2015 Nashville, TN
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Tennessee Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

 Olga will conduct a keynote and several workshops at the Tennessee Coaltion's 13th Annual Conference. She will also be signing copies of her book "The Sum of My Parts".

Address: Nashville, TN
04/23/2015 Harrisburg
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Pennsylvania Education Leading to Employment and Career Training Program (ELECT)

 Olga will conduct a plenary on The Impact of Physical and Sexual Violence. She will also sign copies of her books "The Sum of My Parts"


Address: , Harrisburg PA
04/25/2015 North Carolina
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Butterfly House Child Advocacy Center

Keynote and workshops on Child Abuse and Trauma. 

Address: , North Carolina
04/28/2015 Fayetteville, NC
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Annual Child Advocacy Center Conference

 Olga will conduct a keynote and several workshops at the Child Advocacy Center Annual Conference. Olga will also be signing copies of her book "The Sum of My Parts"

Address: Fayetteville, NC
05/06/2015 Sunset Hills , MO
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Missouri Office of Prosecution Services Annual Conference

 Conduct a keynote and several workshops at this years annual conference. 

Address: Sunset Hills , MO
Olga has helped improve the relationship between the domestic violence advocates and the child welfare agency and helped enhance the environment for them to work together. - Santa Clara County, CA

Olga's Journal

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Health Care After Violence

The physical and emotional harm that comes from being abused by a loved one can have unexpected effects for survivors, even after the ...
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If Someone You Know Was Sexually Abused or Raped - Part Two

A few weeks ago I described some of the ways that people helped me talk about what had happened to me as a child and by talking about it, ...
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When someone you know is sexually abused or raped

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month. I am reposting this for those who know someone who has been ...
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Survivor's Story on DVD and VHS

A Survivor’s Story-
Olga's critically acclaimed first-hand account of the impact of violence in her life is available in both English and Spanish.