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04/23/2015 Harrisburg
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Pennsylvania Education Leading to Employment and Career Training Program (ELECT)

 Olga will conduct a plenary on The Impact of Physical and Sexual Violence. She will also sign copies of her books "The Sum of My Parts"


Address: , Harrisburg PA
04/25/2015 North Carolina
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Butterfly House Child Advocacy Center

Keynote and workshops on Child Abuse and Trauma. 

Address: , North Carolina
04/28/2015 Fayetteville, NC
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Annual Child Advocacy Center Conference

 Olga will conduct a keynote and several workshops at the Child Advocacy Center Annual Conference. Olga will also be signing copies of her book "The Sum of My Parts"

Address: Fayetteville, NC
05/06/2015 Sunset Hills , MO
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Missouri Office of Prosecution Services Annual Conference

 Conduct a keynote and several workshops at this years annual conference. 

Address: Sunset Hills , MO
Olga has helped improve the relationship between the domestic violence advocates and the child welfare agency and helped enhance the environment for them to work together. - Santa Clara County, CA

Olga's Journal

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Health Care After Violence

The physical and emotional harm that comes from being abused by a loved one can have unexpected effects for survivors, even after the ...
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If Someone You Know Was Sexually Abused or Raped - Part Two

A few weeks ago I described some of the ways that people helped me talk about what had happened to me as a child and by talking about it, ...
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When someone you know is sexually abused or raped

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month. I am reposting this for those who know someone who has been ...
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Survivor's Story on DVD and VHS

A Survivor’s Story-
Olga's critically acclaimed first-hand account of the impact of violence in her life is available in both English and Spanish.