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April 29, 2010

Child Abuse Training

Children's Advocacy Center Training Children's Advocacy Center Training

 At the end of April I traveled to Niceville, Florida to be part of a training for a multidisciplinary audience of professionals that respond to and assist with child abuse cases. The group was very sophisticated and one of the most knowledgeable groups I've had the pleasure to work with. The presentation I did focused on the impact of child abuse based on my experience and then moved to what trauma and dissociation can look and feel like. My goal in doing the training was to validate what they are already doing to make a difference in the lives of Children and their non-offending parents. I also wanted to give people who work with trauma an inside-out perspective of how it feels. We also explored Dissociative Identity Disorder, what it can look like and feel like.  

There were a number of mental health clinicians there that asked some great questions about the healing process. One came up to me afterwards and let me know that it was reassuring to know that kids can overcome abuse and survive.

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