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Olga Trujillo Consulting offers a wide array of training and technical assistance services on child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, immigration, and trafficking. Olga's passion is in helping first responders, advocates, clinicians and other professionals explore the impact of trauma and dissociation.

Olga's strength lies in effectively assessing your needs, and working with you to create a thorough, wrap-around solution.

Olga can help hone your mission and vision. Provide on-site training. Facilitate meetings. Or assist in fostering and building strong collaborations for safer communities. She understands that every organization and agency's needs are unique, and require a tailored approach.

The best session I have ever attended. Thought-moving and mind-expanding presentation. Terrific and heroic speaker. - Phoenix, AZ

Upcoming Events

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Dallas Crimes Against Women Conference

March 15, 2015

 Workshops on Trauma and Violence. 
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EVAW International Conference

April 06, 2015

Keynote on the Impact of Physical and Sexual Violence and Workshops on Representing Survivors who have Experienced Trauma and Understanding ...
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Butterfly House Child Advocacy Center

April 25, 2015

Keynote and workshops on Child Abuse and Trauma. 
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